'1000-Lb. Sisters' Star Amy Slaton Is Getting Divorced

Michael Halterman Files For Divorce From ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Amy Slaton

1000-Lb. Sisters’ star Amy Slaton is headed to court with her estranged husband, Michael Halterman. After six years of marriage and a lifetime of love, Michael filed for divorce on March 13 in Kentucky, per TMZ. 

Amy and Michael married in March 2019, but they’ve been romantically involved for most of their lives. Slaton told The Sun last year that they met when she was eight and maintained a relationship until Michael turned 18. At that time, they split before rekindling their romance about four years before they started filming the reality TV show.

“[Michael] loves me and supports me. He don’t care how much I weight, how much I lose. He don’t care,” Slaton told The Sun. 

The former couple rose to recognition as TLC fans followed sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton through their weight-loss journey.1000-Lb. Sisters, now in its fourth season, premiered in January 2020.

Last month, The Sun reported on separation rumors between the estranged couple and claimed that Michael admitted they eloped in 2017 on his YouTube channel.

During filming, one of Amy’s often-voiced reasons for weight loss was her desire to start a biological family with Michael. A doctor approved her gastric bypass surgery in 2019 on the show. According to E! News, Amy has lost over 100 pounds since the successful surgery.

Additionally, Amy accomplished her family expansion goal with not one but two children. The estranged couple welcomed their first son, Gage Deon, in November 2020 and their second son, Glenn Allen, in July 2022.

No word on the division of assets or custody agreement. Amy has also not reacted to the divorce news online.


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