TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
Well #Roomies it looks like one of #MichaelJackson’s accusers, also a well known dance choreographer #WadeRobson doesn’t believe Michael’s music should be muted.
I know some of you #Roomies may remember, after the HBO docuseries “Leaving Neverland” that premiered on March 3rd and 4th,as a response to the debut, Canadian and New Zealand radio stations made an announcement that they would no longer be playing Michael’s music. The director for MediaWorks, #LeonWratt from New Zealand even mentioned that the station plays music based on what the listeners listen to and the fact that a lot of people were claiming they felt uncomfortable listening to his music, the company decided to take it down.
According to @tmz_tv, when TMZ caught up with Wade yesterday evening at LAX, he claimed he’s not “the moral authority” on muting MJ. It’s up to everyone individually to decide how to deal with the disturbing allegations against the singer.
Wade said that after doing the docuseries with HBO, he was hoping this could help other victims of sexual assaults speak up and tell their stories without being afraid. According to @tmz_tv he also hopes his story helps other people question who they are worshipping more than making a decision on whether or not to play Michaels’s music on the radio station or even listen to it.
He did claim that other sexual assault victims, not from Michael Jackson, but victims in general have reached out and supported him on telling his story of being sexually assaulted. When asked by TMZ what does he have to say about those who are doubting him such as Michael’s family members, fans, and even #AaronCarter, his response was: “People believe what they want to believe…and sometimes it takes time.”
Wade’s molestation suit against Michael was actually dismissed in 2017, but it is now under appeal. He did say that he hopes the suit will have a positive effect, but it is more than him.
We will keeps you guys updated, as more stories unravel.
Source: TMZ