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Michael Jackson’s Music Will No Longer Be Played On Canadian & New Zealand Radio Stations

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It seems as though the late #MichaelJackson can not catch a break from the recent alleged sexual abuse cases. After the new documentary “Leaving Neverland” made its debut on HBO, a few radio stations decided to drop Michael’s music.
His music was dropped by the radio stations in New Zealand and Canada. According to @cnn #WadeRobson and #JamesSafechuck accused Michael Jackson of allegedly sexually abusing them for several years starting from when they were only seven and ten years old. Some fans do believe Michael Jackson is innocent, while others believe the victims are telling the truth, sparking a huge debate over his legacy.
In New Zealand, several radio stations pulled Michael’s music from their playlists, this also includes the commercial broadcaster MediaWorks. The director for MediaWorks Radio station, Leon Wratt said Michael is not on their playlist anymore, and that the station is for their audience preference. Furthermore, they must play what their audience prefers, and if the audience feels uncomfortable listening to Michael’s music then it’s best for them to take it down.
The rival broadcaster of MediaWorks radio, NZME, also said they will not be playing Michael’s music. Their director, Dean Buchanan told the New Zealand Herald, they do not have Michael Jackson on their playlist at the moment.
For Canada, there are three major Montreal-based radio stations that are not playing Michael’s music, and as far as other radio stations they are keeping a close eye on the situation to decide if they will continue to play his music or not.
When Michael Jackson’s estate found out about what they claimed to be false accusations, they pushed back and called it “public lynching.” They are now suing HBO.
Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson also spoke to @gmb about the alleged accusations, he said that he “was angry, hurt, and felt betrayed by Wade as a friend.” He claimed in 2005 Wade testified in court that Michael Jackson did not sexually abuse him, now he has since changed his mind claiming he loved Michael but he in fact was sexually abused by him.
Source: CNN Entertainment, New Zealand Herald, and Good Morning Britain


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