Michael Rapaport & Russell Simmons Clap Back At DJ Akademiks

Michael Rapaport & Russell Simmons Clap Back At DJ Akademiks For Calling The Founding Fathers Of Hip-Hop “Dusty”

Whew! The industry vets are continuing to school DJ Akademiks when it comes to the pioneers of Hip-Hop! On Thursday, LL Cool J said his piece after Ak called the founding fathers of Hip-Hop “dusty.” Michael Rapaport and co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, Russell Simmons, have also spoken out. Michael didn’t take the nice approach like LL and went straight for Ak’s neck. In a video, he called Ak, a bum a*s clown with no talent. “You’re not a DJ. You don’t cut, you don’t scratch, you don’t produce. You’re not a DJ, so stop calling yourself DJ,” he said.

He continued, “For him to disrespect the people that built this s**t, that built Hip-Hop, that changed every single thing. Shut this dude down.” Uncle Rush added his two cents. However, he took a milder approach. In a five-minute long video on Thursday, he addressed Ak, although he said he didn’t know who he was. While outside his home in Bali, he reminisced on the founding fathers of Hip-Hop, Kool Herc, DJ Busy B, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, and others for paving the way.


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“I was there before there were such things as records. These are people that played the parties that Rush Productions promoted. So they are the founding fathers, and they created hip-hop,” he said. Rush acknowledged that many rappers didn’t get much money but elaborated on how they helped Hip-Hop become an outlet that created thousands of jobs and allowed people to provide for their families.

Before ending the video, he addressed Ak, saying, “Pause and be grateful for those who came before you who built your life. I don’t know how wealthy you are or how many boats you float on. How many cars do you own? How many people have you made rich? How many people have you made successful that have made their families successful? What have you done for the culture,” he said.

“I know Kanye’s songs. I know Drake’s songs. I don’t know you. I sound like Stacy Dash. I don’t know you, n***a, at all. I don’t know what you made, but I wish you well.”

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