Miley Cyrus' Ad Campaign For MAC Cosmetics Causes Controversy In The UK

Miley Cyrus’ Ad Campaign For MAC Cosmetics Causes Controversy In The UK

As we all know, Miley Cyrus appeals to her crowd now-a-days as raunchy and almost always over the top and her new ad campaign isn’t making it any better!

Miley Cyrus’ has the UK sitting uncomfortable because of her less than family friendly poses for her MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM” launch. 

The complaints were coming from UKs Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). According to the ASA, the ads were found in a shopping mall and in the London Underground inside; One was a billboard and two were small posters. They described the ad campaign as sexually suggestive” and overtly sexual” and maybe seen by children. 

Well it looks like MAC isnt settling for their overly uptight views as they believe she is only showing confidence in the skin shes in.


One of Mileys photos features her with her legs up in the air up against a mirror spread open, in which it slight reflects the image of her crotch area. MAC stated in defense to their ad campaign and Miley Cyrus that the reflected images of Miley Cyrus crotch in the mirrors were no more than what one would ordinarily see when walking along a beach with women sunbathing or by a pool.


Another ad, which Miley re posted on her Instagram, shows her sporting a 70s chic look posing with what looks to be a blonde wig, a floral off-the shoulder crop-top and cut-off shorts. She is shown posing with her hand grappling her shorts and lips puckered out as she wears her new line called, VIVA GLAM Miley II” in which the color is a bright orange (matte).

MAC also argued that the ads showed Miley Cyrus in a confident pose and that the use of colour and multiple reflections made the images dynamic and vibrant, while providing a background that made her stand out and that the composition of the ads were designed to draw the viewer to her confident and defiant stare.


ASA has responded to MAC Cosmetics saying that their was not enough complaints to even further investigate the images for the campaign. MAC is at least able to compromise with ASA by staying within 100 miles away from pubic schools with their ads, and I think everyone can agree that what ASA really wanted was to not lure kids into gravitating towards these images, which was not the purpose for these shots.


Well as anyone can see, the cosmetics line has launched and MAC nor Cyrus isnt going to back down from this profitable, yet charitable (“as they continue to raise funds in order to stop AIDS for their MAC AIDS Fund programme”) endeavor they both embarked on.




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