Missy Elliott Highlights Impact Of Female Rap Trailblazers

Missy Elliott Demands For Today’s Female Rappers To Recognize Impact Of Earlier Trailblazers

Missy Elliott is speaking on the contributions that women have made to the rap game, and she people to know that these rappers’ contributions helped pave the way for today’s female hip-hop stars.

Missy Says Women Who Paved The Way Deserve Their Flowers

The Virginia-bred rapper spoke on the matter during a recent sit-down with Forbes, and Missy began by acknowledging how “women have played a big part in what we call hip-hop.” Additionally, she spoke on the fact that she and many trailblazing women have formed deep-rooted bonds with one another.

“Women have played a big part in what we call hip-hop in this culture. These women are my friends, and we don’t just come together when it’s time to perform. We speak on the phone and hang around each other.”

Elliott continued, noting that she continues to look up to these women. She also said that they ultimately “kicked down the doors for all the women you see today in 2023.”

“I always think about how these are the same women that I looked up to and still do. They have kicked down the doors for all the women you see today in 2023.”

As a result, she thinks female rappers today should recognize that—without the hard work of the women who came before them—the state of the rap game could be much different.

“Even if the women that are out now may not be familiar with all of their records, they have to know that these women are the reason they’re able to be on many of these platforms.”

In other words, Missy thinks more women in the rap game should do their homework and familiarize themselves with the contributions of those who helped pave the way!

Missy Elliott Gives Her Mentors A Warm Shoutout

During the same interview, Missy also spoke on how—because she had so much support from artists like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Salt-N-Pepa, she aspired to “be a big sister to those coming [into the rap game].”

She also noted that having good, solid mentorship is a key component to getting through some of the “behind the scenes” hardships.

“A lot of times, it’s not as easy as it looks, and people only get a chance to see the glitz and glamour and don’t know what it’s like to go through things behind the scenes. So when you have that mentor, it’s everything, especially someone who has already been on that walk. It’s very important for me to be a big sister to those coming behind me because I had Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Salt-N-Pepa be that to me.”

She also straight-up acknowledged, “What made me say I want to be an emcee was Salt-N-Pepa.” Mary J. Blige was also given a shoutout for teaching her how to “be a go-getter,” and Missy paid homage to Diddy, too. So, because Missy had a plethora of artists to support and uplift her, she aspires to do the same for others.

“It’s important for me to support this next generation because I also came in at a young age, and there’s nothing like having that support in someone. I had people like Mary J. Blige and Diddy tell me what to do and how to be a go-getter, a hustler, be consistent and be different, things you need in this industry.”

What do you think about Missy Elliott’s recent commentary?


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