Momma Dee Speaks On Erica Mena, Bambi & ZellSwag Arrest

Momma Dee & Saucy Santana Speak Out Following Erica Mena, Bambi & ZellSwag’s Arrest For Alleged Battery At ATL Lounge

Momma Dee and Saucy Santana have spoken out following the recent arrests of Erica Mena, Bambi, and ZellSwag in Atlanta.

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More Details Regarding The Recent Arrests Of Erica Mena, Bambi & ZellSwag In ATL

According to WSBTV, officers responded to reports of a “physical altercation” at Lucca Lounge in the Buckhead Friday evening. When authorities arrived on the scene, they reportedly broke up a fight involving Erica Mena, Bambi, whose real name is Addie Richardson, ZellSwag, whose real name is Rodney Shaw, and Kareem Cadet.

The altercation was allegedly prompted by the group being asked to leave the establishment by security guards and refusing. After their refusal, the security guards “attempted” to kick them out, as per WSBTV.

In footage of the incident, Saucy Santana, who attended the event alongside his boyfriend Zell Swag, can be seen leaving the lounge.

According to WSBTV, the group was eventually “removed from the business.”

Authorities reportedly attempted to de-escalate the matter. However, they alleged that the suspects also became physically aggressive toward them. According to the outlet, all four suspects were charged with “willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer.” Additionally, Mena and Shaw were also charged with “simple battery.”

Furthermore, Mena also faces a charge of “simple battery against a police officer.”

Momma Dee, Saucy Santana & ZellSwag Speak Out Following The Arrests

On Saturday, Saucy Santana took to his Instagram Story to address the group’s physical altercation at the lounge and his prompt exit.

“Last night, my n***a was not fighting no girls. He had got into it with the security or the authorities — He was with his homegirls. I was out with him and his friends…”

Santana explained that Erica Mena “was very belligerent” and “got into it with the security guards.” He added that there were three to four “big security guards on top of her,” which prompted ZellSwag to try and “deescalate the situation,” which is how he got “sent to jail.”

“I got the f**k out of dodge because I don’t play that… I don’t know how anyone else feels about their name, but I know how I feel about mine — I left that scene…”

Before concluding the video, Santana explained that his boyfriend “is not allowed to have no more friends.”

Also, on Saturday, Momma Dee took to Instagram Live to comment on the group’s physical altercation at the lounge. The 59-year-old seemingly made fun of Bambi’s arrest and implied that her ex-daughter-in-law “did evil” and “God had a clapback for her.”

Additionally, Momma Dee poked fun at Bambi and Erica for not wearing false eyelashes in their mugshots to “hide” themselves. Furthermore, Momma Dee accused Bambi of lying about her age when authorities booked her.

On Monday, Momma Dee returned to Instagram Live to share that she “found out that Erica Mena bit the police.” The grandmother then encouraged Bambi to “reassess” who her “friends are.”

“You gotta think, it just ain’t worth it… We got Fulton County jail and people coming out dead in there…  And Bambi loves her children. don’t be getting Bambi locked up,” Dee said, seemingly addressing Erica Mena.

Before concluding her statements, Momma Dee explained that she isn’t “taking up” for Bambi. However, she understands that her grandchildren need their mother present.

At this point, neither Erica Mena nor Bambi have addressed the incident. However, ZellSwag did share a now-deleted message about his arrest via his Instagram Story on Sunday, as per theJasmineBrand.

“Thanks to everyone that reached out i appreciate it.. I’ll give y’all an update on what’s going on soon.. just respect my privacy at this point.. thanks”

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