Money, Money, Money!! LA Has Raised Its Minimum Wage!!!

Money, Money, Money!! LA Has Raised Its Minimum Wage!!!

Look at God!! Thanks to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles has raised its minimum wage to $15!!!

LA has now become the biggest city in the U.S. to raise the minimum wage that high. This decision finally comes after California has suffered from the most recent “recession, worsening income equality, persistent poverty, and the challenges of immigration and global economy,” according to the Associated Press. 

Now, LA, y’all won’t be getting a huge payday just yet! The now $9 an hour wage will gradually increase within the next two years. By July 2016, the wage will increase to $10.50, then to $12, next $13.25, $14.25 and finally 15, so no, my Cali people, you won’t be rolling in the deep just yet! 

Garcetti says that by increasing the wages, families will be able to get their families out of poverty! That’s awesome! He also said, “LA as a whole will benefit from this boost: We have always prospered the most when everyone is able to spend money into our economy.” 

LA Roommates, are you guys excited that this law has been passed? How do you think your city will benefit from this? Tell us in the comments!


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