Moneybagg Yo Speaks On Gettin' Into His 'Content Creator Bag'

Moneybagg Yo Speaks On Gettin’ Into His ‘Content Creator Bag’: ‘I’m A Creative’

Moneybagg Yo is dishing on his decision to “show personality” on social media, and he says that the decision partially came because felt like fans “don’t know enough” about him.

Moneybagg Yo Reflects On Fans Embracing His Content

During a meet-up with Billboard, the “Wockesha” rapper spoke on his decision to start sharing more about his life on social media.

Whether he’s cheffin’ it up with Ari Fletcher, showing off his gains on TikTok, or coming through with the self-care content, Moneybagg hasn’t been shy about posting more about his life!

As a result, reporter Neena Rouhani remarked that he’s in his “content creator bag,” to which Moneybagg simply responded, “I’m a creative person. I like to create.”

He also addressed that, while he enjoys getting to “show personality” and highlight parts of his day-to-day life, he’s aware that he can’t show fans everything.

“I feel like they don’t know enough about me, but I also don’t want to give them all of me either. You don’t never want to do that.”


Finishing This Album While Finding Balance 🖤

♬ original sound – Moneybagg Yo

Additionally, the artist addressed how—although Ari had previously mentioned the matter—it was ultimately his decision to get more active on social media.

“She had mentioned it before, but [as far as] putting the foot down and just really pushing on and going forward, I took the initiative to just do it.”

He continued, adding that fans really “embraced” the content.

“People embraced it. Like the workout stuff, I ain’t even know they were gonna embrace those.”


Push Up Challenge GO !! 🌪🌪🌪🌪

♬ original sound – Moneybagg Yo

Moneybagg On His ‘Chemistry’ With GloRilla & Advice To New Artists

Moneybagg Yo proceeded to also speak on his collab with GloRilla, “On What U On.”

While there was  “supposed to have been a whole ‘nother artist on there before Glo,” Moneybagg ultimately decided to bring his fellow Memphian onto the record.

“We from the same city. It just makes sense.”

He went on to add, “I had chemistry there anyway, so it was cool.”

While on the subject of Glo, Moneybagg also segued to the subject of new artists in the game, and he offered some advice for these budding stars.

“Take your time. Be patient—you ain’t gotta rush it out. Force it on them, put it in their face, but at the perfect timing. Timing is everything.”

As far as what helped bring about his own success in the rap game, Moneybagg remarked that he thinks his music resonates with fans because he’s bold and “keep[s] up with what’s going on in the culture.”

“I think I keep up with what’s going on in the culture. And I ain’t afraid of nothin’. Like, I ain’t afraid to say certain words or say certain things.”

You can peep Moneybagg’s full sit-down with Billboard down below.

Are you here for Moneybagg Yo getting into his content creator bag? Additionally, would you like to see more poppin’ artists show more about their day-to-day activities?


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