Monica Teaches Her Momma How To Use The Slang Word "Cap"

Monica Teaches Her Momma How To Use The Slang Word “Cap”

Monica is making sure her ole’ lady doesn’t fall behind on the young, hip slang! The multi-talented artist shared a screenshot of a text thread with someone saved as ‘Nana Cell’ in her contacts. However, in the thread and post, she addresses her loved one as “Momma.” In a series of texts, she teaches her momma the difference between using “cap” and “no cap.”

“Today’s word is Cap or No Cap…,” Monica wrote on the text thread screenshot. “Studies with the First Lady….you got it Momma.”

The text thread screenshot shows Momma’s incoming text as the first message. She wrote, “So true or as Rodney says, Cap!” Monica then clarifies the difference, while keeping a playful energy by using laughing emojis.

“This would be where you say NO CAP,” Monica replied in text. “Momma because it’s the truth when you say it cap that means it’s a lie or false.”

Momma comes back for another round clarification. “Cap means false???,” Momma wrote.

Then, Monica gives her an example of the slang use Momma might never forget.

“And yes if someone says Monica can’t sing you can say that’s cap lol,” the artist replied.


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The moment gives us a sweet insight into Monica’s personal, maternal relationship. About three weeks ago, she gave fans another insight into her life by speaking on betrayal, trust and being a good person.

At the time, it seemed unclear what sparked the mini deceit rant. Nonetheless, Monica went in on the topic.

“Betrayal happens after trust,” Monica wrote on her Instagram Story. “It hurts to know we’re not betrayed by’s actually by those we trusted.”

She continued on to explain the way her trust in people is set up.

“Although I’m very kind to everyone, it’s so hard for me to trust people,” Monica wrote. “Those I trust, I would give my life for theirs…when you betray me, you lose me & you may not see me as much, but I see me clearly!!”

Despite the heavier aura of her message, Monica ended her post with a sprinkle of positivity.

“Being a good person has its hardships but the benefits are beyond this realm,” Monica said. “TO THE GOOD PEOPLE: KEEP BEING GOOD! God’s GOT YOU.’

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