Mo'Nique Issues Public Apology To D.L. Hughley's Family For Offending Them Amid Online Feud

Mo’Nique Issues Public Apology To D.L. Hughley’s Family For Offending Them Amid Online Feud

Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley have been exchanging jabs over a Detroit comedy show contract dispute for weeks. After Mo called D.L. out alleging that she was the headliner for the show, things got personal when the comedian mentioned Hughley’s youngest daughter and wife.

Mo’nique took the stage for a comedian show in Raleigh, NC on Friday night, where she sent Hughley’s family a public apology for her comments. D.L., however, is still on her hit list.

“I’d like to consider myself a woman of honor. So I’m about to do something right now publicly that I did publicly. And when I f*ck something up, I gotta fix it up. So I’m gon’ take care of that right now before I go any motherf*cking further. To D.L. Hughley’s family, I wanna publicly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I want to publicly apologize to his wife, his babies if I hurt their feelings because that was never my god d*mn intention.


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Oh but that n*gga D.L., I meant every mutherf*cking thing I said.”

Hughley’s eldest daughter Ryan Nicole Shepard chimed in to her father’s exchange after Mo’Nique brought up her sister’s sexual assault from a family friend, and said “How can D.L.’s wife suck the d*ck of a coward,” in an Instagram post.

Shepard sent a message to Mo’Nique, letting her know that she’s was provoking her family to “act out of character.”

Hi @therealmoworldwide I’m Ryan Nicole Shepard (D.L. Hughley and LaDonna Hughley’s eldest daughter). You’ve now publicly disrespected my mother–who I love and care fr very much–and my baby sister–who I love and care for very much to get back at my father–who I love, respect and care for very much. At this point, I feel like you are asking my family and myself to act out of character.

Hughley reposted his daughter’s message with a statement about the bond of his family. Check out the entire exchange below:


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