Mo'Nique Shares Texts W/ Her Son After He Responds (Video)

Whew! Mo’Nique Shares Alleged Text Exchange With Her Son After He Responds To Her & Sidney Hicks (VIDEO)

Mo’Nique is sharing receipts in regard to the recent back-and-forth which has erupted between her, her oldest son Shalon Watkin’s Jr., and her husband, Sidney Hicks. As The Shade Room previously reported, the feud sparked after Shalon addressed Mo’Nique’s “false narrative” about them possibly reconciling their relationship.

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Here’s The Texts Mo’Nique Shared

On Wednesday, February 14, Mo’Nique took to Instagram to share a carousel of screenshots. The photos appeared to be an alleged text message exchange between her and her oldest son. To note, the carousel begins with screenshots of messages from December 2020 and seems to conclude with screenshots of messages from October 2021.

In the alleged texts, Mo’Nique appears to reach out to her son on numerous occasions. Initially, their text exchange appears brief but affectionate. However, the last slide seems to feature an undated text message from Hicks to Mo’Nique’s son.

In the text, Hicks calls Watkins Jr. out for his “immature ways” and seems to address Mo’Nique not being able to see Watkins’ newborn child.

“How do you go from putting your mother on hold when generations of family are able to see Sinai on Nicole’s side, but you gave no instructions to Tuffy or your mother as to when they would or could be able to see Sinai,” Hicks wrote.

From there, Hicks seems to remind Watkins Jr. of the many ways he assisted him when he was a child.

Additionally, Mo’Nique captioned the post with a few words.

WE LOVE US 4REAL,” she wrote.

Swipe below to see the alleged text message exchange.

Here’s How Shalon Watkins Jr. Responded To His Mother & Her Husband

About four hours before Mo’Nique uploaded those screenshots to Instagram, Watkins Jr. returned to TikTok to address her and her husband’s previous video response.

In the new ten-minute video, Watkins Jr. immediately addressed Mo’Nique’s husband getting involved in their back-and-forth.

“I find it unique that my video was in response to my mother and not her husband, but yet, he still had the most to say, which isn’t uncommon, ” he began. “I also find it unfortunate that my mother does not seem to speak on her own. The only two worlds that I know where ‘daddy’ is used is children speaking with their father and women acknowledging their pimps. Her husband starts off by literally doing the very thing I said that they would do, which honestly made me feel like… they validated my original video.”

Watkins Jr. goes on to call Hicks out for not directly addressing any of his initial statements but instead bringing new topics into the fold, such as speaking on his biological father.

Mo’Nique’s son went on to say that both Hicks and his mother are attempting to paint themselves as victims and sidestep accountability.

Additionally, Watkins Jr. also called out Mo’Niques for letting her husband publicly speak about his mental health when the topic seemingly had no relevance in the conversation.

“Attacking someone’s mental status shows you have no leg to stand on,” he explained before addressing Mo’Nique’s alleged text messages. “Furthermore, what kind of person has text messages from their son that are two years old still in their phone, saved, just for the purpose of showing it to him? What I specifically remember about that message is that at the end of it, you said… ‘If you don’t respond, I understand.'”

Watkins Jr. went on to allege that he hadn’t contacted his mother after the birth of his child because Mo’Nique’s phone was broken. Additionally, he was adjusting to life as a new parent and seemed to figure that she would reach out to him to see how he was doing instead of becoming frustrated.

Watch his full sentiments below.


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This Is How Things Popped Off

As The Shade Room previously reported, things popped off between Mo’Nique and her son after she appeared on ‘Club Shay Shay.’ During the appearance, she spoke about her and her son’s estranged relationship and said she plans to “let time do the healing.”

“And that’s it – let time do that healing,” she told Sharpe. “It may heal it in time, and it may not, and that’s something that we as parents have to say, ‘Listen, I’ve done what I could do. I’ve taken accountability for it. Now it’s up to you.'”

In response, Watkins Jr. took to TikTok on Tuesday, February 13, to call his mother’s statements a false narrative.

“My mother and I both know that that is a very false narrative, and I would like to free her of having to continue telling that lie,” he said. “Faith without work is dead, and neither one of us cares to put forth any effort to reconcile with the other.”

Additionally, he alleged that Mo’Nique never showed consistent interest in being his mother, and her previous apology to him “holds no weight.”

In turn, Hicks and Mo’Nique took to Instagram Live to address her son. Mo’Nique seemed to say that she would “let things play out.” Meanwhile, Hicks called Watkins Jr. out again for allegedly forgetting how he and his mother assisted him before bringing Watkins Jr.’s biological father into the fold.

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