Mo’Nique has been in the headlines left and right after she blasted Netflix for offering her $500,000 for a standup special. I know we all have our opinions but it looks like Mo’Nique was on to something because the receipts are showing that this deal wouldn’t have really been a good move for the comedian.

Mo’Nique must have been tired of all the backlash and memes because sis dropped the emails showing the entire deal Netflix allegedly brought to the table.

For a year following the special’s premiere, the terms would have stopped Mo’Nique from taping or negotiating any comedy speacial with any third party. They could tape it in March and not release it until December and she still wouldn’t be allowed to do other specials in the interim).

It doesn’t stop there though #Roommates! Netflix also would have retained rights of first negotiation once those 12 months were up and she would only be able to shoot another comedy special with another company if Netflix decided to pass on it!

According to Salon, this wasn’t a contract just for a one show because in reality the company would own her broadcast rights for up to two years or more.

Two years after the premiere of the special, Netflix asked that she not use the material in any recorded program! She would have to ask them first if she wanted to use it elsewhere.

“Netflix wouldn’t have just had possession of the produced show, but the content therein, forcing her to develop entirely new material for touring, which is the lifeblood of any working comedian.”

This was a bad deal that she couldn’t accept!

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