Monyetta Shaw Says Ne-Yo's Desire For Threesomes Led To Split

Monyetta Shaw Says Ne-Yo’s Desire For Threesomes Led To The End Of Their Romance: ‘I Didn’t Sign Up To Do This Every Day’

Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw-Carter, is opening up about why their three-year engagement and years-long relationship ultimately came to an end.

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Monyetta Shaw-Carter Addresses Ne-Yo’s Gender Identity Comments While Briefly Referencing Co-Parenting With Him & His Other Children’s Mothers

Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancée sat down for an exclusive interview on the ‘Haus of Aaron‘ podcast which was published Tuesday. At the beginning of the interview, she briefly explained her stance on Ne-Yo’s previous comments about gender identity and children.

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Shaw-Carter explained that they’re “really close,” and she believes his statements

“I can’t speak for him but I do know we raised our kids to love everyone. And that’s who he is too — he really is. Honestly… I think what he meant was… we would like to be the ones to introduce it to our kids… Again, I can’t speak for him but that’s how I feel about it…”

As the conversation continued, the reality star further indirectly explained her co-parenting relationship with Ne-Yo and the other mothers of his children. As The Shade Room previously reported, the singer shares two children with Shaw-Carter, three children with his ex-wife Crystal Renay, and two children with Sade Bagnerise.

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“I was like, listen now, I know they try to group us together child — everybody. I ain’t even met the new one and I ain’t talked to the other one,” Shaw-Carter explained, seemingly referring to Bagnerise and Renay. “But I’m like, yeah we co-parent but, uh, I co-parent with him, his mom, and his sister but it’s all love.”

Ne-Yo’s Ex-Fiancée Explains Why Their Relationship Didn’t Work Out

As the conversation continued, Shaw-Carter explained why their three-year engagement, and romance, ultimately came to an end.

“We cheated together —if that makes sense,” Shaw-Carter explained. “And then it just wasn’t enough. And then I was like, well, I didn’t sign up to do this every day…”

The host then interrupted the reality star’s statement to ask what she meant by “we cheated.”

“We did things together — it’s not cheating if you’re involved with it,” she explained, then held up three fingers.

She then continued by saying, “that’s where I was at that time.”

“But it became a problem when you want that alot — like maybe, I’ll give you maybe twice a year or a few times but it was like too much and I was like if you want that, you don’t want me — it was making it seem like I was not enough…”

Shaw-Carter explained that she was “devasted.” Additionally, she said she “tried to keep it cute and spicy” for the singer. However, “it wasn’t enough” and “it is what it is.”

A Brief Look At Ne-Yo & Monyetta’s Relationship

According to Page Six, Shaw-Carter and Ne-Yo were engaged between 2010-2013. The outlet reports that the pair split “two months ahead of their planned wedding.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, in 2014, Shaw-Carter publicly revealed that while she was with the singer, she agreed to undergo a surgery to prevent her from having additional children. Then, in 2016, Shaw-Carter published her memoir, ‘Bigger Than Me,’ where she also shared her feelings on the singer’s desire for threesomes.

Additionally, she also shared her regret for complying, as per The Shade Room.

“…I wasn’t a prude. I went hard for my relationship, it kinda happened and that’s what it was…

If it’s not what you want… at the time it was what I wanted, I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s not part of your lifestyle,” she said at the time.

In 2021, Shaw-Carter went on to marry Heath Carter. Today, she and Ne-Yo co-parent their 12-year-old daughter Madilyn and 11-year-old son Mason, as per Page Six.


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