More Details Surface Regarding Blac Youngsta's $200k Bank Incident, Wells Fargo Claims He's Lying! 

More Details Surface Regarding Blac Youngsta’s $200k Bank Incident, Wells Fargo Claims He’s Lying! 

Do you guys remember when we reported that rapper, Blac Youngsta, was tackled by police after he withdrew $200,000? He just wanted to buy a car, but upon exiting a Wells Fargo, the rapper was pummeled to the ground by police. “They come bum rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head, so I’m like ‘What I’d do,’” he said. How is it that withdrawing such a large amount of money warrants you to be approached by police?

Well, according to 11 Alive News, Wells Fargo released a statement saying that Blac Youngsta, who’s real name is Sam Benson, does not hold an account with them! They continue to allege that not only does he not have an account with them, he never entered the bank and never made a withdrawal that day. Hmm, that’s the exact opposite of what Benson said!
Anyway, Benson had also accused police of confiscating half of his money, but said that he was headed to the police precinct to get it back. However, according to Wells Fargo, the lie detector test determined that that was a lie! 
It turns out that an incident of fraud had occurred at the bank earlier that day where someone had tried to cash a fake $24,000 check. The description that they gave to police must have matched that of Black Youngsta’s as the bank maintains that their description was “appropriate.” The real suspect has since been arrested and charged.   
This is such a strange story, but I guess all is well! The rapper said he doesn’t even want his Maybach anymore and that he wants a Ferrari. #RichPeopleProblems

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