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More TEA On The Reunion-Hazel E Fights For Producer Credit!

If you’ve been following #LHHH you would know the drama was on 100 this season and of course it carried on into the reunion taping. 
The Season 2 Reunion special filmed this week and let’s just say the cast members kept it action packed! Host Nina Parker got some breaking news out of Hazel E towards the end of the taping. What did she find out? Turns out Hazel E will NOT be returning next season and has quit the show…unless she receives producer credit.
At the reunion taping, Hazel E claimed that she deserved producer credit because she introduced several of the cast members to the show including Milan, Miles, Willie from Day 26 and his wife. She also credited herself for coming up with the show concept and the idea to use “Hollywood” instead of “Los Angeles.”


Ray J wasn’t feeling Hazel E’s claims and shut it all down real quick. Ray J claims that Mona had intended on firing Hazel awhile ago and that she wasn’t needed on the show at all. 
Teairra jumped in to back her on-and-off again bestie. 
This is a mess y’all! 


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