Morris Chestnut Is Trending Just Because He's Foinnee -

Morris Chestnut Is Trending Just Because He’s Foinnee

Chile! The innanettss had that beautiful chocolate man, Morris Chestnut, trending for no other reason but the fact that he is a fine man.

It all started when Twitter user ‘thebaddestmitch’ tweeted about how we can’t find men like Morris in today’s world.

“They do not make n****s this fine no more dawg. I’ve looked. They not at brunch. They not at church. They not at the club. They not at Publix. Nowhere.”

Following this tweet, it literally turned into Morris Chestnut day based on nothing but him being a fine black man.

Someone made a great observation when they pointed out that Morris is foinnee to every generation.

Someone even asked if his wife can fight y’all! A whole kii!

Is Morris Chestnut on your list of fine men Roommates? Let us know!


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