Mother & Daughter Fight Spirit Airlines Employee Over Luggage

Say WHAT?! Mother-Daughter Duo Fights Spirit Airlines Employees Over Luggage Fees (WATCH)

A 39-year-old mother and her 17-year-old daughter recently brawled with numerous Spirit Airlines employees, and it was all captured on film!

It Went DOWN Ahead Of A Spirit Airlines Flight To Florida

The ordeal popped off at Philadelphia International Airport just over a week ago, according to the Daily Mail. Reportedly, the altercation broke out because the mother-daughter duo’s carry-on luggage was too heavy, and they were subsequently required to pay an extra fee.

However, the travelers—who were en route to Fort Lauderdale, Florida—didn’t take the news too well, and the video opens with them scrapping with employees right at the jetway entrance.

A young boy who appears to be with the pair swiftly leaves to call for security, though the fighting continues. The boy then returns and proceeds to hit a Spirit Airlines agent as well before running away while crying.

After the scuffle comes to a halt, tensions run high as one employee passionately exclaims, “She hit me first!”

The situation then proceeds to get heated again, and the mother even takes her shirt off at one point. Meanwhile, a bewildered bystander says what’s on everybody’s mind: “Where the f*** is security?”

Just as the ordeal seems to be winding down, the mother begins wildin’ out again. As a result, an employee proceeds to quickly attack the mother—and snatch her wig—before the video ends.

You can peep the chaotic clip down below.

No Arrests Were Made In The Incident

In a statement to the outlet, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department said that they didn’t make any arrests over the incident. They also noted that no one was seriously hurt, and the only injury was a gash above a 24-year-old agent’s eye.

They also provided further context, noting that the 17-year-old started the altercation after she was refused access to the jetway, as she didn’t comply with the “additional baggage fees.”

“Several passengers were pulling apart a 24-year-old female complainant and a 17-year-old female along with her 39-year-old mother during an argument over additional baggage fees. At this time, the 17-year-old female attempted to access Jetway and was halted by the 24-year-old complainant when she was punched/hair pulled by the 17-year-old female being assisted by her 39-year-old mother.”

The statement also notes, “All participants were advised by police in reference to private criminal complaint documentation.”

Ultimately, the flight was delayed for about an hour, though it appears as though everything ran smoothly afterwards.

What are your thoughts on the situation?


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