Mother Of Fivio Foreign's Kids Says He Faked Mellow Rackz Relationship

Mother Of Fivio Foreign’s Kids Claims He Pulled A Gun On Her, Ignores His Kids & Faked A Relationship With Mellow Rackz For Promo 

Things got messy quickly when the mother of Fivio Foreign’s children, Jasmine, hopped on Instagram Live with a few allegations against the self-proclaimed King Of New York. She labeled Fivio a deadbeat father, said he pulled a gun on her, and faked a relationship with Mellow Rackz for promo.

She claimed to be on Instagram live because Fivio allegedly promised her $80,000, then failed to deliver. Jasmine said she asked Fivio for the money on Friday so she could separate herself from him. But, Jasmine claims that after he left to get the money, he texted her saying he was not giving it.

Jasmine Says Mellow Did Not Know The Relationship With Fivio Was For Song Promo

In the live, Jasmine addressed the video Fivio posted on Thursday that featured her sitting behind him. Fivio posted the clip after Mellow Rackz announced online that she’s single. Mellow confirmed dating rumors in July. Last week, photographers captured them at a sporting event. However, Jasmine claimed yesterday’s post was to paint Fivio in a different light.

“His label wants him to look like a family man that’s why. It’s all about his image, he’s weird. And everybody don’t like him with Mellow,” Jasmine said.



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Later in the live stream, Jasmine said Fivio also spoke with her on Thursday and explained that he was blocking Mellow. Jasmine revealed Fivio was ending things with Mellow because he no longer needed promo. The promo was initially intended for a song Fivio allegedly lined up with Mase. Jasmine revealed during another point in her video rant that Mellow had no idea about Fivio’s plot.

“…He tells me I’m ’bout to do some internet sh*t with this b***h Mellow,” Jasmine said Fivio told her after returning home from a tour. “He like, ‘she don’t know. You know I’m ’bout to gas this b***h up. I’m bout to do some internet sh*t like I’m with her.”

Jasmine says she told Fivio to do what he wanted, and he did.

Jasmine Alleges Fivio Foreign Is A Deadbeat Dad Who Went On Tour Without Leaving His Family Any Money

Jasmine also claimed Fivio went on tour from May to June and didn’t leave her any money to support their kids. Per her, he didn’t offer “not a dollar,” and at the time, his sister was also allegedly staying with the family. Additionally, Jasmine admitted she sold his clothes while he was away to support the family.

When he returned from the tour, Jasmine said he walked into their home with a normal attitude and straight past his kids. So naturally, out of agitation, she confronted him.

“I’m like bro you just left and you didn’t even make sure we was good, what’s up, like that was weird. How you leave on tour and don’t leave your f***ing family a dollar, what type of bullsh*t is that?”


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She later added that Fivio has a habit of coming home and ignoring his kids.

“This man always walks in the house and walks past his kids. He don’t pay his kids no f**king mind, no mind. He never has,” Jasmine alleged.

Within that more-than-ten-minutes-long live video, Jasmine also said she owes the mother of Fivio’s eldest daughter an apology. Jasmine claimed that he complained about his daughter’s mother and bonding with his eldest daughter, so at one point, Jasmine arranged pick-ups so he could see his daughter more often. But Jasmine said he also ignores his eldest daughter when she’s visiting.

Jasmine Claims Fivio Pulled A Gun In Front Of Their Kids

The confrontation about leaving for the tour without giving financial support escalated in no time. Jasmine said Fivio tried to attack her after she told him to get out of their home.

“This man, while his sister is holding him back cause he’s trying to hit me for whatever reason, this man takes out his gun,” Jasmine said. “Mind you, my kids is right behind me. My kids is behind me crying because this man is trying to attack me. This n***a pulled out his gun.”

Jasmine later forgave him for this interaction, claiming she wanted a relationship with him to work. But then, he approached her with his plans for a fake relationship with Mellow.


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Jasmine Alleges Fivio Paid For An Abortion Last Week

Fast forward to Thursday, Jasmine said they spoke about moving forward sometime after he posted their video together. She says he can’t understand the reason behind her selling his clothes.

On Friday morning, she searched his phone and found messages that suggested he paid for an abortion with a woman he previously claimed was just a friend. In addition, he asked the woman if she was bleeding in messages as early as last week–while he was both with Jasmine and Mellow. This final straw for Jasmine pushed her to demand the $80,000.

Elsewhere in Jasmine’s live, she made unfounded claims that Fivio has engaged in sexual acts with people of the same sex.

Fivio posted and deleted a tweet about the situation within hours of her live video.

“My baby momz cud never beef w me she still living in my whole crib,” he tweeted.


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