Mother Of Lakeith Stanfield's 'Secret' Baby Blasts Actor & Fiance

Mother Of LaKeith Stanfield’s ‘Secret’ Baby Deletes Post Blasting Alleged Absentee Actor After He Flaunted Fiancé On Vacation

Tylor Hurd, an L.A. artist, accused Atlanta actor LaKeith Stanfield of being the father of her ‘secret’ child, and she’s unhappy with the alleged lack of effort he’s put in so far as a dad.

The 24-year-old shared a series of social media posts alleging the actor spent more time with his new fiancé than with their daughter, Apollo Stanfield, on Sunday. The baby girl appears to have been born in March of 2022, according to an Instagram post shared by the mom.

Tylor Hurd Blasts LaKeith Stanfield For Keeping Her & Baby A ‘Secret’ On Social Media

Hurd shared photos of the baby, Apollo, on an Instagram reel, following news of his engagement to Kasmere Trice but later deleted them. Hurd claimed in comments to her followers that Stanfield has neglected his responsibilities as a father to Apollo and has been more attentive to Trice since they have been together.


The drama began after Hurd uploaded a now-deleted Instagram reel featuring never-before-seen moments shared with Stanfield in a video montage. In the caption, she wrote:

“Decided to leave being someone’s secret family in 2022. Meet Apollo Stanfield.”

Hurd later took to Instagram Stories to explain in the text why she went public with the information, saying that she is not jealous of Trice, but rather upset that Stanfield has allegedly “made more time to spend with this woman than he’s spent with Apollo her whole life and has been actively ignoring me when I’m trying to figure things out for our child.”

“Just to clear a few things up I’m not jealous that’s [sic] he’s engaged to a woman he’s known for 5 months. I tried to meet the girl and everything and she ignored me when i tried. what I’m upset about is that he made more time to spend with this woman than he’s spent with Apollo her whole life and has been actively ignoring me when I’m trying to figure things out for our child. Those clips of him and her together are all I have in general cause he barely sees her.”

LaKeith & Kasmere Focus On Engagement Amid Drama

Stanfield and Trice celebrated their engagement on social media just before Hurd blasted her husband to be on social media. Trice captioned her post, “Happy birthday, mrs. Stanfield #priceyiceyWIFEY.” In a series on recent Instagram story posts, Trice has been sharing her praise and love for the time spent with her new fianceé in captions, with out addressing Hurd’s claims.

On Tuesday, Stanfield indirectly addressed the drama with Hurd. The 31-year-old penned a positive message about love and his new fiancé on Instagram. The actor wrote in his caption:

Back to work. Loved the holidays and spending time with family. Some really great moments with loved ones. Beautiful time with my fiancé and the reinforcement of our bond in the midst of any kind of climate. Love is a trip because at the same time as it can inspire really massive beautiful feelings of connectedness, it can also inspire pain and anger, and at the end of the day I think that’s part of what makes it so special. Time to place focus back on the craft at hand. Let God guide. Cheers to a fire new year!



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