Ms. Netta Addresses Skincare Complaints And Plastic Surgery

Mrs. Netta Addresses Complaints Over Her Skincare And Why She And Charles Are Getting Plastic Surgery | TSR Investigates

Roomies, most of us are familiar with the TikTok sensation Mrs. Netta and Charles by now.

Mrs. Netta’s hilarious antics and her husband’s witty comebacks have caught the attention of millions.

Mrs. Netta And Charles Get Up, Close, And Personal

In no time, they have already amassed a staggering following on TikTok, gaining fame and recognition that goes far beyond the social media app.

In the latest episode of ‘TSR Investigates,’ Justin Carter catches up with this dynamic duo, who answer all the questions we’ve been intrigued to know about.

Known for her cooking, Mrs. Netta wasted no time to fix up a plate for her man when the cameras started rolling.

She emphasized that Charles shares a special relationship with food, like most men, and added that if you know how to throw it down in the kitchen, then your partner will “stay around.”

You better preach, Netta!

Together, Carter and the social media influencer prepared Charles a “hamburger steak” with steamed broccoli, garlic mashed potatoes, and croissant rolls.

Shortly after, the pair were ready to discuss their relationship in an exclusive interview with The Shade Room, And Mrs. Netta was not holding back, oh-kay!

Despite being together for six years, the pair had never actually spent Valentine’s Day together.

This year, however, the couple decided not to be apart and chose to spend the occasion together for a change.

Given that this was going to be their first Valentine’s Day together, one would assume they would go all out for the special day, right? Well, not quite as Netta indicated they had nothing planned since she will be “down.”

In other words, she’ll be busy getting her body-ody done.

The Couple Are Gearing Up To Go Under The Knife

Mrs. Netta and Charles left a lot of people surprised by announcing their plans to BOTH undergo plastic surgery.

The two shared the news while visiting a plastic surgeon out in Atlanta, Georgia.

Charles plans to remove the excess fat around his stomach and chest. Simultaneously, Mrs. Netta shared plans to get a BBL as well as remove some additional stomach fat at the same facility.

When asked what made her decide on the procedure, she seemed to imply that the procedure would be free of charge.

“You just, you know, sometimes, you just want to go get them, you know, lifted up and all that other stuff. So, um, it was an opportunity that was thrown out there at us, and we decided that we wanted to take it.”

In addition to the surgeries fans already knew about, Ms. Netta said she would also get a tummy tuck, a breast lift and liposuction.

Ms. Netta Addresses People’s Comments About Her Skin

Later in their conversation, Carter asked Mrs. Netta how she responds to the frequent online backlash she receives from people criticizing her skincare routine.

Netta, who doesn’t shy away from admitting to having skin issues, has often initiated conversations about how she applies cosmetic products to her face.

However, it seems there’s been more concern than actual outrage over her repeated use of makeup to cover up bumps, a practice commonly known to irritate the skin further.

“This is the way I look, okay. And I have been looking like for a while, so I know what I look like,” she said. “So, I don’t need nobody to continue to tell me what my face look like, or nothing like that, like, it’s gonna make me feel bad, it’s gonna make me feel sad.”

“I don’t care. It ain’t that I don’t care about my skin, it’s just that I don’t care what people have to say about me, because they’re not the ones that are with me. This is me, this is my skin.”

But Mrs. Netta assured her haters that they would eat their words once she completed her transformation.

In the full interview, Mrs. Netta and Charles go on to reveal what initially drew them to one another, how much they’ve made since blowing up on TikTok, and so much more.

You DON’T want to miss this episode!

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