Are your faves shutting it down like this, #Roommates? Ahead of #Bey and Jay’s #OnTheRunII show at #WilliamsBriceStadium in #Columbia, South Carolina, officials are making plans to dismiss students at six select schools early.

We all love Beyonce but before ya’ll think the school district is stanning hard for #QueenBey, the real reason why they’re letting those schools have a half day on August 21st is because officials anticipate heavy traffic due to the concert, according to Elle.

“The early dismissal schedule will help reduce the likelihood that buses with routes that go through or near that area will be delayed by the traffic,” a district rep said in an email to students and parents.

#Roommates, do ya’ll think these school officials are doing too much? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh