Naomi Osaka Shares Her Worries On Being A First-Time Mother

Naomi Osaka Shares Her Worries Around Being A First-Time Mother: ‘Everything Feels Really New’

Now that she’s entered her motherhood era, Naomi Osaka is acknowledging some of the anxieties she’s had to overcome.

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Naomi Discusses The Joys & Worries That Come With Parenthood

PEOPLE reports that Naomi opened up during a recent sit-down with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. While the full sit-down won’t premiere until Wednesday (Oct. 25), a lil’ snippet highlights her thoughts about being a new parent.

Starting off by looking back at some of the “joys,” Osaka beamed over her daughter, Shai, being “in her puffy phase.”

“She’s in her puffy phase, so I just love to poke her cheeks. She’s so cute.”

She added that spending time with her baby “really makes [her] day.” However, Naomi Osaka also addressed some of the not-so-great parts of being a parent, which centered around her anxieties about whether she’s “a good enough mom.”

“I am an overthinker, so sometimes I’m like, ‘I wonder if I’m going to be a good enough mom’ and things like that. Everything feels really new.”

The athlete added, “Worrying if I’m going to be a good enough mom is probably my top stress. But I know that’s not something that I can really control. I can only go day-by-day.”

Osaka also discussed the “isolating” nature of her pregnancy and postpartum stage.

“I definitely felt very lonely during pregnancy a little bit and also the stage where she first got back from the hospital.”

Nonetheless, Naomi shared that the support she gets from her friend circle comes in clutch, as they’re helping her navigate her new normal.

Catch a snippet of the sit-down below.

Naomi Osaka Shared Similar Reflections On Instagram

Naomi’s commentary comes on the heels of the tennis star commemorating her 26th birthday. While the occasion went down back on Oct. 16, she acknowledged the development on Oct. 22 — just before the end of Libra SZN.

In her upload, she started by reflecting on how life has gone by “so quickly,” noting that she recently embraced a positivity-focused mindset.

Additionally, she spoke about recently having to overcome doubtful thoughts regarding her parenting.

“Something I had to conquer recently is the thought that I wouldn’t be a good mom. So many doubts raced through my head I had to swat them like mosquitos.”

After fondly reflecting on watching Shai grow over the past few months, Naomi wrote, “I’m so grateful to have another year, and I’m so thankful to everyone that believes in me, love you and thank you.”

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