Nas’ Baby Mama Carmen Bryan Pens ‘When The Child Support Stops’ Book

Nas’ Baby Mama Carmen Bryan Pens ‘When The Child Support Stops’ Book

When we hear about celebrities having to pay the mother of their children child support, we really don’t hear a lot of stories about life after the checks stop coming in. Nas’ baby’s mother, Carmen Bryan is dropping a book called “Life After Child Support: When The Checks Stop Coming.” She describes the book as “a cautionary tale about outgrowing financial dependency and moving forward.”

Back in 2017, Carmen sat down with VladTV and spoke about how she was able to raise her daughter without having to work a 9 to 5 because of the child support checks Nas would send for their daughter Destiny. She spoke about how she had to be mindful of the money and understood that “Child support is not an income for you. It’s supposed to support the child.”

“It was like a gift and a curse, the child support situation. Anyone who gets child support, you know it’s not going to last forever anyway. And, when you’re getting a check every month you become a little content with that,” Carmen told Vlad. “Some people don’t want to go above and beyond that.”

A couple of years before Carmen sat down with Vlad, there were reports coming out that she was allegedly homeless and couch-surfing once their daughter Destiny turned 20 years old–and Nas was no longer required to send those monthly checks.

Carmen seems to be doing much better financially and is ready to give readers a glimpse into what life is really like when the child grows up and the money stops.

The book can be yours for $4.99


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