Nas' BabyMomma Is Homeless After He Stopped Cutting Her Checks!!

Nas’ BabyMomma Is Homeless After He Stopped Cutting Her Checks!!


So apparently, someone has some explaining to do! Word is Nas’ baby momma, Carmen Bryan is jobless and couch surfing in New York. But How?? 

According to Bossip, she has been collecting child support up until a short time after their daughter, Destiny Jones turned 18. Somewhere down the line, the money stopped and we guess so did the steady living arrangements since Carmen is now homeless. 

Word is Nas wasn’t a fan of Carmen’s tell-all book and her telling alleged lies on social media so he decided to pay her back by cutting her off!! Talk about petty!!  A source told Bossip that Carmen was expecting Nas’ financial support to be never ending since she’s the mother of his child. Apparently not. BOOP!

“She has never spent a dime out of her own pocket to support her daughter because except writing a tell all book, she has not had a J-O-B since giving birth… She’s been here in Queens all year squatting from house to house telling old stories from the late 90’s. When she wears out her welcome she gets buddy passes to mooch off of people in LA and Atlanta.”

Their daughter Destiny is doing well for herself. She launched her Lipmatic lip gloss line last December. Whether or not she’s sharing the wealth with her mother is unknown but judging from her IG post:


It doesn’t seem like it! Moral of the story… Get your own! Let’s chat below !

Source: Bossip,

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