As we have previously reported, rapper #Nas and his ex-wifey #Kelis have been in a child support battle over their 8-year old son, Knight, since last December.

Kelis is currently getting $8,000 per month in financial support from Nas, but their son is growing and she believes her ex can afford to increase payments! However, Nas is like, ‘Not so fast!’

In documents obtained by TMZ, Nas showed that he earns roughly $175k per month from music, investments and other sources. The rapper also has over $8.3 million in cash in the bank. His monthly expenses are $76,834.04, and the figure includes $15,000 in rent, and $20,245.70 which goes to financially supporting family members including his father.

A judge has yet to rule on whether or not Kelis will get an increase, but we’ll definitely keep y’all updated!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet