Natalia Bryant Dishes On Continuing Her Father's Legacy

Livin’ Life The Mamba Way! Natalia Bryant Dishes On Continuing Her Father’s Legacy

Natalia Bryant — Kobe and Vanessa Bryant‘s eldest child — is opening up about striving to continue her father’s legacy and “Mamba mentality” while also prioritizing self-care.

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Natalia Bryant Says The “Mamba Mentality” Is All About Promoting “Positivity & Resilience”

The 20-year-old shared her commentary during a recent sit-down with Elle, and she started by defining what exactly the “Mamba mentality” is.

She succinctly noted that, at its core, the “Mamba mentality” is all about “putting your best foot forward at all times.”

“Mamba mentality is about constantly trying to be the best version of yourself. It’s putting your best foot forward at all times regardless of all the noise.”

Natalia Bryant added that keeping this mentality “intact” helps people live their lives with “positivity and resilience.” IKTR!

“I want to make sure that mentality stays intact, because it can be so easy to give up on yourself when things get tough. You have to remind yourself that with positivity and resilience you can do anything.”

Continuing, she acknowledged that having family support, as well as “amazing friends and mentors,” allows her to take on any challenge. After all, her family is her “rock,” and she knows who to “count on.”

“My mom and my sisters are amazing, and I can always lean on them for support. I also have amazing friends and mentors that I love who I know I can count on.”

She Says Reflection & Self-Care Help Her Stay On Track: “I Do Things That Bring Me Peace”

In addition to her family- and legacy-related comments, Natalia Bryant discussed how she perseveres through life’s challenges.

“I bring myself out of tough times by focusing my energy on the things that bring me happiness. I spend time with the people I love, like my family. I hang out with my friends, or listen to my favorite music.”

She sagely added, “I do things that bring me peace and that put me in a much better headspace. I think it’s important to focus on the positive aspects life has to offer.”

Diving into further detail, she noted that she’s all about practicing “self-care” by embracing “anything that lets [her] relax.”

“I practice self-care in lots of ways. I like to work out, read, and watch my favorite comfort movies. Really anything that lets me relax and wind down is self-care to me.”

Another useful tactic Natalia employs centers on self-reflection, which she says “means taking a step back and looking at how far [she has] come.”

Through this approach, Natalia says she’s able to better appreciate her journey while continuing to do her thang.

“It’s about appreciating the growth and lessons that have gotten you to where you are and embracing your best self.”

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