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NBA YoungBoy Alleges Jania Gave Him Herpes In Unreleased Song

The saga that is NBA Youngboy and his baby momma Jania is not close to over. Especially not after the move he just pulled!

Youngboy hasn’t mentioned Jania in some time, and sis has been out here living her best life, making money, and taking care of their baby boy. Now, Jania is up in arms, and for good reason!

A very interesting unreleased song of Youngboy’s recently leaked online, and the bars truly do speak for themselves. In the song, he speaks on what the past year has been like for him, but his mention of Jania rubs some the wrong way.

He admits that he does indeed have herpes, and explicitly makes the allegation that Jania is the one who gave it to him!

“I got herpes and I gave it to Ni, to tell the truth think she gave it to me,” he says in the bar.

Many Youngboy fans played the guessing game of where Youngboy could’ve contracted the STD, as he has publicly admitted to being involved with over 200 women.

As expected, Jania maintains that she did not give Youngboy anything. In a series of tweets, she expresses her frustration with his “lies”, and even likes some fan tweets advising her to sue him for defamation.

“I didn’t give nobody sh*t,” she says. “This lying sh*t is gettin out of hands and I’m sick of it.”

As we’ve previously reported, Youngboy and Jania’s relationship has been nothing less than rocky. When we were first introduced to the couple, Jania was sleeping on a hotel lobby couch after Youngboy had allegedly kicked her out of their hotel room, and the rest is history.

Since their relationship ended, Jania gave birth to their baby boy, and Youngboy has had a slew of young ladies either on his arm or trying to be his lady.

Stay with us as the story continues to develop, Roomies!


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