Ne-Yo Responds To YouTuber Who Called Him ‘Trash’ Following His Pregnancy Announcement With Wife Crystal Smith (Video) - The Shade Room

Ne-Yo Responds To YouTuber Who Called Him ‘Trash’ Following His Pregnancy Announcement With Wife Crystal Smith (Video)

We know that celebrities are people too and certainly have feelings. Ne-Yo reminded us of that today when he took to his Instagram story to address a YouTube vlogger who made a video criticizing his recent pregnancy announcement with his wife Crystal Smith.

The vlogger, who goes by the name Jovi Beauty on YouTube, joined the chorus of people who have chastised Ne-Yo for continuing to have children with his wife Crystal even though his ex and children’s mother, Monyetta Shaw, had her tubes tied, allegedly at Ne-Yo’s request.

It’s been a sensitive topic for the trio but it’s a topic of discussion that fans can’t let go of and have been reminded of with Crystal’s recent pregnancy announcement.

Jovi Beauty called Ne-Yo “trash” in regard to the scenario.

“I’ve came to the conclusion today, I always kind of knew it, but I think that I really came to the conclusion today that like Ne-Yo is trash,” Jovi began her message. “Ne-Yo is so trash. He’s having baby number five with his wife Crystal, but like everything about him…is such Libra vibes. Indecisive. Don’t know what the f**k…can’t make up his mind for s**t.”

You can watch her video below:

The 2-minute video she shared to Instagram caught Ne-Yo’s attention. He took to his Instagram stories to call the vlogger out.

“I smiled the whole time watching that,” Ne-Yo said. “People’s bitterness at my success and happiness is entertaining to me.”

He ranted on about the woman judging him and his family.

“You see, I am not perfect. And apparently, this woman is,” Ne-Yo said. “I mean, how else could she judge me and any of my shortcomings or mistakes, unless it is true that she has never made any mistakes herself?”

He continued, “I am assuming that she is the first wave of attack from some perfect clan of people that have decided to wage war against me and all of my imperfection. So at  some point today when you all decide to take a s**t, and want a quick laugh, check out @jovibeauty. Be careful not to let the perfection that is her Make you feel a little less than.”

He then went on to say that Jovi’s opinion expressed in her video was based on a false narrative.

“Odd thing is, she is still going on about past rumors and accusations that have not only been proven untrue but no one ver speaks about any more. You would think as a perfect being, she would have her facts straight and up-to-date. OK…I’ve done my good deed for the day. I made a bitter nobody famous.”

SWIPE to see the full exchange below and messages exclusively shared with us.

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