Ne-Yo Shares Photos Of His Six Children Including Son Allegedly Fathered During Crystal Smith Marriage

Ne-Yo took to Instagram on Tuesday to express his gratitude for his little ones and their caretakers, including the son he allegedly fathered with another woman while still married to Crystal Renay Smith.

This seemingly marks the first time Ne-Yo publicly acknowledged the child Smith exposed last year.

“I am BLESSED,” Ne-Yo wrote after sharing multiple photos of his children. He added, “Thank you GOD for my beautiful children and the people that help me raise them. I love you all.”

The singer shares three children with Crystal, including Isabella Rose, born in June 2021; Shaffer Chimere Jr., born in March 2016; and Alexander-Raj, born in June 2018. On Jan. 10, Ne-Yo shared five photos from Crystal’s recent photoshoot with their two sons and toddler daughter to his Insta-Story.

Then, he followed up with four photos depicting his first two children with ex-fiancée Monyetta Shaw. The former couple shares a daughter Madison Grace, born in November 2010, and a son Mason Evan, born in October 2011.

Ne-Yo Posts Son With Influencer Sade On Social Media For The First Time

The photos of Isabella, Shaffer, and Alexander included Crystal. While two of Madison and Mason’s photos included Monyetta and her husband, Heath Carter.

However, the two images he shared of his youngest son, whose name remains unknown, did not include the child’s mother Sade, a social media influencer.

Instead, the first photo Ne-Yo posted was a selfie, which partially shows his face and fully shows his son’s. The second photo shows the toddler smiling in a standing position with a bag of candy in his hand.

After Ne-Yo shared the photos, Sade reposted the selfie to her Insta-Story with a three ‘feeling loved’ emojis.

It’s unclear when the child was born, but Sade and Crystal’s pregnancies seemingly overlapped. Sade shared a baby bump photo on her Insta-profile on February 20, 2021.

The next day, February 21, 2021, Ne-Yo announced Crystal’s pregnancy with Isabella Rose on his Instagram, which he hashtagged #5thandFinal, per Billboard. Sade appears to be pregnant again, given her recent baby bump Insta-posts. However, we cannot confirm whether Ne-Yo is or isn’t the father.

As mentioned, Tuesday was the first time we’ve seen Ne-Yo kinda-sorta admit he cheated on Crystal. This comes months after his estranged wife took to social media with accusations that Ne-Yo is a “narcissist” who had unprotected sex with numerous women throughout their eight-year relationship and six-year marriage.

Crystal Smith And Ne-Yo’s Ongoing Divorce Proceedings

Days after blasting the singer, Crystal filed for divorce on August 1 after separating from Ne-Yo on July 22, 2022. Per court documents, Crystal believes the “marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation” due to Ne-Yo’s alleged adultery. In the paperwork, she also revealed Ne-Yo fathered a child with another woman–believed to be Sade.

In September, the singer slammed Crystal’s requests for alimony, equal division of assets, primary custody of their kids, and $25,000 for legal fees. Instead, he’s seeking joint legal and physical custody. Additionally, Ne-Yo agreed to pay child support but not spousal support. He’s also looking for her to pay her own legal fees. Ne-Yo is also looking to boot Crystal from their marital home in Georgia, asking for exclusive use and her alleged ‘lack of contribution’ to be considered in the asset division.

“[Crystal] possess the considerate ability to procure stable and consistent employment at this current time and following the dissolution of the marriage,” court docs say.

The singer previously filed a motion to get Crystal’s Instagram blasts removed and prevent her from publicly speaking about him, per Radar Online. He claimed Renay spoke out to “garner public sympathy” while alleging he lost $400,000 in wages because of her accusations.

In October, a judge brushed off the existing social posts. However, he warned both parties they could face sanctions for public or derogatory statements on any platform, including social media.

It’s unclear if their divorce is finalized, but on December 31, Crystal revealed she entered 2023 “resilient, single, and satisfied with nothing but forgiveness and love” in her heart.

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