NeNe Leakes Believes Cynthia Bailey 'Had A Hand' In Her Firing

NeNe Leakes Believes Cynthia Bailey ‘Had A Hand’ In Her ‘RHOA’ Firing: ‘I Know A Lot Of Things’

Real Housewives of Atlanta OG NeNe Leakes is getting real about her opinions on some of her fellow Bravolebrities, and she isn’t holding back on how she feels about Shereé Whitfield, Kenya Moore, and Cynthia Bailey.

From suggesting that Shereé is dull to speculating that Cynthia played a part in getting her booted, NeNe went IN!

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NeNe Calls Herself The “Underdog” & Says Shereé Is “Not The Most Exciting Person”

NeNe’s commentary came during the first part of her sit-down on Carlos King‘s Reality with the King podcast, and she started by going in on Shereé.

After reminiscing about some old drama, NeNe pushed back against Whitfield being described as the “last-standing OG,” as she declared, “There was nowhere else to go.”

“I don’t about last-standing. She’s the last one they could get on the show. There was nowhere else to go. The people who were the stars of the show were literally me and Kim Zolciak.”

NeNe went on to say that while Shereé “played her part,” she doesn’t think the network “valued” her.

“I think Shereé played her role or played her part in the show. I just don’t think the network or the production really valued her that much. They felt like, ‘We don’t really need her that much.'”

NeNe added, “I mean, she’s not the most exciting person in the world.”

Staying on the subject of the early days of RHOA, NeNe remarked that she was essentially the “underdog” of season 1, and many of her fellow OGs banked on the idea that viewers wouldn’t like NeNe. However, “It just didn’t work like that.”

“First season, I was the underdog. I wasn’t sure if I would be liked. I think Shereé, along with Kim and the rest of the girls, thought, ‘Oh, please. They’re gonna love us, and they’re not gonna like her. And it just didn’t work like that.”

NeNe Leakes Says Kenya Moore Made RHOA More Focused On Storylines

Shereé wasn’t the only popular RHOA star who was the target of Ms. NeNe Leakes’ shade, as Kenya got it too!

NeNe stated that the show began to change “once Kenya came on” in season 5, as it “started to be, ‘Let’s create our storyline.'”

To emphasize this point about Kenya’s impact, NeNe declared, “People started to create storylines and pretend to have boyfriends.”

Nonetheless, after Carlos later declares that Kenya and Porsha Williams “saved the show” after joining in season 5, NeNe confirms, “They were great additions.”

However, she was sure to note that she never saw Kenya as the “star” of RHOA.

“Kenya is great on the show, and she was a great addition to the show when she came on. And I think the show needs Kenya, by the way. But I never saw her as the star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ever.”

NeNe Accuses Cynthia Of Trying To Stop Her Bravo Bag

Finally, NeNe also honed in on Ms. Cynthia Bailey, noting that she initially “didn’t think that [Cynthia] was ‘Housewife material.'”

While she commented similarly about Phaedra Parks, she didn’t go in like she did with Cynthia.

Although NeNe Leakes declared she misses their “sister[ly]” friendship, she doubts they’ll ever reconcile.

“I just know some of the things that she has done behind the scenes that I could just never, ever, ever respect.”

After being prompted to give further detail, NeNe accused Cynthia of attempting to interfere with her Bravo bag.

“She was definitely trying to stop [my bag] from Bravo. I know a lot of things she did. … She was in an alliance with Housewives and behind the scenes with producers and the network. I think she had a hand in trying to get [me fired].”




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