Mobile app, Tik Tok, seems to be the new wave,  and Nene and Gregg Leakes got the family together for one good time. Because of this Quarantine And Chill it seems like everyone is learning all the latest dance moves.

When I mean to tell you everybody and their mama are making vids, that’s exactly what I mean. From celebs to everyday folk, people seem to be creating accounts like there’s no tomorrow.

The latest celeb family to participate is Gregg and NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. While home with their relatives, they decided to show up and show OUT for the “Something Different” dance challenge.

As the video opens, you can see Nene concentrating, making sure she doesn’t miss a beat. Their granddaughter looks so precious participating as well, and then there’s Mr. Gregg Leakes. The cancer survivor was ready for this moment and put a remix on the dance.

Adding a few extra shoulder moves and a couple of steps, it’s quite obvious he was enjoying himself.

During a time like this, where almost the entire world is on pause, it’s good to see so many people still in good spirits, despite the viral pandemic.


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#PressPlay: #GreggLeakes couldn’t wait to go next. He better go off!! 😂 #HitUsWithThatRemix

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