Netflix's New 'Password Sharing' Rules Have Users PRESSED

Netflix’s New ‘Password Sharing’ Guidelines Have Social Media PRESSED

It’s not uncommon to hear of people utilizing their friend or family member’s Netflix account. In fact, as multiple people are able to be logged in at the same time, sharing passwords was a relatively problem-free way to access the streaming service for quite some time.

However, Netflix recently announced plans to begin cracking down on password sharing, and the entire situation sparked quite a bit of backlash on social media.

The Guidelines Are Meant To Curb Password Sharing

The new guidelines recently made their debut on the streaming service’s website. Setting the tone, the very top of the guidelines page explicitly reads, “A Netflix account is for people who live together in a single household.”

Netflix goes on to note that, when a user attempts to log in to an account outside of the primary household, verification may be needed. This verification will send a link with a 4-digit code to the primary account owner’s email, and this code must be entered in order to watch Netflix from the device in question.

Additionally, it’s noted that “verification may be required periodically.” While this would certainly pose an issue for people using others’ accounts, it’ll also impact subscribers when they attempt to use Netflix while traveling.

An Old Tweet Came Back To Haunt Netflix: ‘THE LIES!’

As one can imagine, people were definitely annoyed by the new guidelines. However, even more outrage came about after a tweet from 2017 resurfaced, showing how much Netflix’s outlook has changed over the years.

Specifically, Netflix hopped on a trend at the time and tweeted, “Love is sharing a password.”

Twitter users swiftly began calling the company out for its hypocrisy.

Peep other users’ critiques down below.

Even Simone Biles said she may cancel Netflix, noting, “I’m lazy & hate re-entering my password.” Relatable!

A TikToker going by @crutches_and_spice added to the conversation by proclaiming that the fallout from this decision was going to be “part of the top 10 of ‘f**k around and find out’ that we’ve ever seen.”

Specifically, she theorized that Netflix would face a serious hit in regards to how its original content performs, as less people will have access to the platform, resulting in less overall buzz.


#stitch with @milehighbrendan @peacock has better content anyways, tbh…

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What do you think about Netflix cracking down on password sharing, and will you still be keeping your subscription?


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