New Instagram Feature Allows You To Add Music To Photos In Instagram Feed

New Instagram Feature Allows You To Add Music To Photos In Instagram Feed

Missing the Myspace days where you could add music to your profile page? Well, Meta has just launched a new feature where music can be added to the photos in your Instagram Feed giving you the chance to customize your content even more!

When Will The Feature Be Available?

On November 10, via its Creators account, Instagram announced its new feature stating,

 Introducing the ability to add music to photos in Instagram Feed, providing creators with more tools to bring their content to life and express themselves!


Users can use this feature, as of today, with the option to share up to 90 seconds of the song of their choice.


Instructions On How To Add Music To Your Photos on Instagram

You will follow the same process you normally do when uploading content to Instagram.

  • Once you bypass the Instagram Editor Tool and get to the last step before publishing your content, you should see an option under “Add Location” to “Add Music”.
  • From there, you’ll select your song and duration (up to 90 seconds). The standard duration is 30 seconds. If you would like to add more time, you will need to click where it says “30” and toggle to the desired duration.
  • If you would like to change the part of the song that has been preselected for you, you’ll just slide your finger across the audio to the left or right.
  • Once those steps are complete, you will click “Done” and then “Share” to publish the post to your Instagram Feed.


Rumor Has It… Meta First Explored Adding Music Profiles

Last month, there was some buzz about Meta taking us back to the Myspace days by adding songs to your Instagram profile.

There were definitely mixed reviews about the feature. Some felt as if it was too much like Myspace..

… while others were here for the nostalgia and already picked out their first profile song.

But it seems like, they either went in different direction or it was just wishful thinking.

With this new feature, Instagram hopes to give creators the option to “soundtrack their Feed photos like you can with Reels and Stories”.

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