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New “McBroken” Website Shows McDonald’s Restaurants With Broken Ice Cream Machines Based On Your Location!

We have all had our fair share of disappointing moments where we enter a McDonald’s location to order a good ol’ McFlurry and get turned away! Some of us have even tried calling our favorite location ahead of time, and still get that “our ice cream machine is broken” message.

Well, say goodbye to being frustrated, Roomies, because a new website is helping y’all figure out where to get your Mickey D’s ice cream fix! According to The Verge, software engineer Rashiq Zahid has created a website called ‘McBroken’, which shows whether or not a McDonald’s location has a working ice cream machine.

The site reportedly puts a red dot on a map for each location with a broken machine and a green for for every restaurant with a working one. The software that Rashiq has created makes an attempt to order a McSundae from each restaurant through the McDonald’s app every 30 minutes.

The McDonald’s app does not allow customers to order items that aren’t available at a particular location, so if Rashiq’s bots aren’t able to order the sundae, the McBroken app indicates that the ice cream machine is down at that store.

Rashiq Zahid spoke with The Verge about how he created the technology for the site, and the inspiration behind it. He explained that he tested his theory by biking to each McDonald’s store in his locality and ordering sundaes to check that his bot was accurate. Once he came to the conclusion the things were going well, he launched the site.

“I just made it for fun,” Zahid said. “But people are like ‘Wow, this is the best thing I’ve seen this entire week.”

Vice President of U.S. communications at McDonald’s, David Tovar, caught wind of the website, and sent Rashiq a message!

“Only a true fan would go to these lengths to help customers get out delicious ice cream,” Tovar said on Twitter. We know we have some opportunities to consistently satisfy even more customers with sweet treats and we will.”

Are y’all getting on this site, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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