#Roommates, buying clothes for a special event or for a night out with your friends is just the norm. And if you so happen to get a quick flick for the ‘gram then that’s just a bonus! But it seems online shoppers are trying it big time and online retailers are over it!


According to a survey commissioned by credit card company Barclays, its seems online shoppers (predominately in the UK) are running up a bill online to just return clothes less than 72 hours after the fact. Now the survey definitely gives you some interesting insights.


Over 2000 people were polled and it seems nearly 1 in 10 shoppers admitted that they buy clothes to take photos to upload on social media and then return the clothes afterwards. An even more shocking revelation is men seem to be the leading cause for this. About 15% of the men who were polled also admitted that in addition to returning clothes after they purchase to flex on the ‘gram, they also wear some clothes with tags on them!


Taking things, a step further, it seems that 35-44 age range are the biggest culprits! That’s right y’all, looks like this age range has admitted to their fake flexing tendencies! George Allardice, Head of Strategy for #BarclayCard payment solutions said: “It’s interesting to see the social media trend further fueling the returns culture. We know from our research that returns are having a big impact on retailers, with a huge figure of seven billion pounds a year in sales that they potentially can’t recognize.


He also added: “Retailers are adopting new processes to make returns easier as they know how important this is to customers. But to ensure shoppers are getting more wear out of their clothes – for posting on social media or for those real-life moments – retailers could think about introducing more varied photography and video content to their websites. By showing how to style items for different looks and how they will appear when worn, they could reduce the number of shoppers ‘snapping and sending back’.”


Well there you have it roommates!

Source: https://www.home.barclaycard/media-centre/press-releases/snap-and-send-back.html



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