New York City is the latest state to add gender-neutral options to birth certificates.

According to USA Today, adults over the age of 18 can now alter their birth certificates to “X” so long as they attest via a form that the change “is to reflect my true gender identity.” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the move into law on Tuesday.

He recently said, “To all trans and nonbinary New Yorkers: We see you, hear you and respect you. Starting in 2019, all New Yorkers will be able to change their gender on their birth certificate to M, F or X – without a doctor’s note.”

Prior to 2014, New York City only allowed people to change the gender on their birth certificates only after gender reassignment surgery. Following that, a doctor’s note was required.

According to ABC News, the law doesn’t allow parents to select X at birth, but they will have the ability to change the gender marker on the certificate any time before the child is 18 years old. People over the age of 18 will, of course, have the ability to make the change themselves.

Attorney Ethan Rice of Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ rights group pointed out that gender-neutral category remains unavailable statewide. Also, a person can choose “X” on their birth certificate, but not a state driver’s license.

New York City now joins California, Oregon, and Washington as states that offer the gender-neutral option on birth certificates. New Jersey will reportedly follow in February.



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