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New York Woman Sues Kellogg’s Over Strawberry Pop-Tarts Not Having Enough Berries

Roomies, we all know there are two things that people don’t play about. Their time and food. Consumers spend their hard owned money on food and want it to live up to the expectations as advertised. It’s one thing to complain, and it’s another thing to apply pressure and take legal action. It’s not uncommon for consumers to call out food or beverage companies for false advertisement.

In the past, companies like Red Bull have gotten sued after consumers opposed their slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” because they didn’t receive any after drinking the popular energy drink. According to Business Insider, in March 2015, Red Bull was required to pay $6.5 million into a settlement fund. We reported last December that a New York man sued King’s Hawaiian for misleading customers that their sweet rolls were manufactured in Hawaii when in actuality are processed in California. Now Kellogg’s is feeling the heat by another New Yorker over their lack of berries in their Strawberry Pop-Tarts.

According to TMZ, Elizabeth Russett is leading a class-action lawsuit against Kellogg’s, claiming that they are misleading consumers about what they are eating. Elizabeth claims that the fruit filling in Kellogg’s whole-grain frosted strawberry toaster pasties is primarily filled with other fruits. The lawsuit states that the Pop-Tarts in question are filled heavier with pears and apples rather than strawberries. The suit claims Elizabeth insists it’s not enough to provide the berry’s nutritional benefits, let alone a strawberry taste.

Elizabeth also claims Kellogg’s uses their packaging to get over on consumers who want to enjoy a breakfast snack packed with strawberries. Elizabeth is coming for the bag and claims the damages exceed $5 million. In addition, she wants to see Pop-Tarts labeled accurately to depict the product.

Roomies, drop a comment and let us know what yall think about this lawsuit!

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