Ya’ll it went down at the Atlanta airport where Adam Pacman Jones got into a fight but this time, he’s not the one in trouble.

Authorities said Pacman touched down at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last night when an airport employee, identified as Frank Ragin, “made a gesture” toward him, according to TMZ. Pacman confronted the man about the gesture and the employee reportedly swung on him!

Of course Pacman had to defend himself and took Ragin to the ground! Police also said during the fight, Ragin reportedly hit Pacman’s female companion, injuring her. Authorities determined Ragin was the primary aggressor and arrested him on suspicion of battery.

Pacman and the woman declined medical treatment but Ragin was taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries.

And just when you thought it was safe to travel again, #Roommates. We’ll keep you informed on any updates.

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