NFL Player Kyle Queiro Gets Dragged After Questioning If Jill Scott Is Attractive & Issues An Apology

NFL Player Kyle Queiro Gets Dragged After Questioning If Jill Scott Is Attractive & Issues An Apology

Roommates, sometimes you need to learn when to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself, especially if you broadcast them on the Internet. That’s a lesson that football player Kyle Queiro recently learned the hard way, after he caused Jill Scott to trend on Twitter by openly questioning if she was attractive.

Many had never heard of NFL player Kyle Queiro until recently when he made the grave mistake of questioning whether Jill Scott was considered attractive. In a series of tweets, Queiro seemed to be in disbelief that anyone would actually be physically attracted to Jilly from Philly—but social media quickly got him together and educated him on the error of his ways.

Queiro’s initial tweets read:

“People are really attracted to JILL SCOTT? And by no means is she ugly. But ya’ll really sexually aroused by her huh?”

After seeing some of the responses to his question, he still didn’t seem to understand that many people are very attracted to Jill, and tweeted “So it’s an energy thing. Got it.” Obviously, he didn’t get it and was thoroughly dragged for hours—causing him to issue an apology.

He followed up his initial tweets with an apology and a clarification:

“I tried to explain my tweet after realizing how poorly it was worded and conveyed. I didn’t grow up on Jill Scott so it was news to me that she was a sex symbol, and I just tweeted. Stupidly. It was best to just delete it & take my L. I’ve also seen people equating my tweet to both: fat shaming and a hatred of black women. With how prevalent that is, I can understand why people may feel that way. But that is not the case here.”

Jill also got a lot of love from fellow celebrities praising her beauty and attractiveness, including Chad Ochocinco, K. Michelle, Tory Lanez and more.

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