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Nia Riley Sits Down With Bossip To Talk Beef, Love, And Apologizes To TI And Tiny!

Now roommates we know you usually like your tea served hot but this week it’s gotten a little icy between Nia Riley and former friend Natassia Smith. 

Nia really pulled out the claws in this beef as she aired out Smith’s dirty laundry claiming that she is engaging in promiscuous behaviors with nothing to show for it. Riley claims Smith is homeless and smashes the homies  Arab and Jrod. 

Here are some highlights just incase you missed the messiness:

“Let’s talk about how your homeless a@@ BROKE into a house in the hills at night just to have a place to sleep. Let’s talk about you being four months pregnant by Cheif Keef but got an abortion because you felt guilty f@#ing Fabulous”. 


Oh yeah let’s not forget when Nia blasted her former bestie on instagram for allegedly having a threesome TI and Tiny, which led to Tiny having to read Nia for her loose lips! 

Welp Riley is trying to be the bigger woman and has apologized to the couple during her recent interview with Bossip.

“Firstly, I plan on reaching to all parties involved. I also plan on reaching out to Tameka personally and privately to apologize because that wasn’t my place and it was wrong of me.”

Nia goes on to say that she was warned about her friends thotful … we mean not so thoughtful …ways but she decided to give her a chance anyways. Riley claims that Smith is just looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. 

“The whole thing was initially a surprise because I didn’t even really know she was joining the cast until the last minute and she decided to use me as her plot-line to get on. I’ve realized that with her this isn’t about me or Dre but to get some fame.”

She says her and Dre aka Soulja Boy are better than ever and she plans on working on her mommy blog during her down time, you can catch the full interview below:


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