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Nicki Minaj Addresses Issues With Twitter, Says She’ll Never Use The Platform Again

Nicki Minaj continues to have the internet going crazy. On the night of Met Gala, she released a series of tweets addressing the COVID-19 vaccination, and those tweets have made their way to several news outlets. The controversial tweets have had Nicki calling out people left and right, and today she went live on Instagram to get a few things off her chest. She revealed that she’s reportedly in Twitter jail following the tweets about her cousin’s alleged reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine in Trinidad. 

Although the viewers on the live couldn’t see her face, they definitely could hear her voice. She started addressing Twitter, saying that she’ll never go back on the platform because it was starting to feel a little scary. Nicki recalled, “I remember when I was when I was a little girl, and I would be taken to church. Sometimes the people in church would tell us, “Be happy that you’re able to praise God freely because some people in so many countries in the world can’t praise the God they’d like to praise freely.” 

As she continued explaining, she said that this experience motivated her to be in church because some people don’t get this luxury. While she continued speaking, she shifted to the topic of the vaccine. Nicki mentioned that people should be able to ask questions about anything that’s being put in their bodies. The “Queen” claimed that we are living in a time when people will turn their back on you for not agreeing with your thoughts and views, and people will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question. 

Nicki seemingly spoke on the situation with MSNBC commentator Joy-Ann- Reid. She called Nicki out when she shared news about he cousin in Trinidad allegedly becoming impotent after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. “I’m seeing Black women on Twitter, Black women I follow acting like this is funny,” Nicki stated. Before ending the live, she said that she didn’t give any facts about the vaccine and reiterated that she didn’t want to travel with her small child, Papa Bear. Currently, Nicki’s Twitter is still up.


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