Roommates, Nicki Minaj had a whole lot to say today on Queen Radio! The internet is still buzzing after a gang of bombs were dropped during the show. If you didn’t catch the tea, we got you! Nicki Minaj had Joe Budden as one the guests who made an appearance and let’s just say sparks definitely flew.


Both rappers got into a very heated discussion when Nicki asked Joe about comments he’s made about her in the past. She also mentioned his comments about ‘Motorsport’ and how the song came to be before things really ramped up. We got the audio of the exchange right when it really started poppin’! See below:

As spicy as that was, aside from the beef, it seems Nicki’s focus is on her new album and her upcoming marriage. As far as her marriage goes, she reportedly plans to say “I do” by the end of the year, according to Nicki herself.

During the show, Nicki said that she and her forever bae Kenneth Petty previously filed for a marriage license but due to her crazy travel schedule, the license expired and they were unable to get married. However, this time around the love birds have filed for the license once again and Nicki maintains that the pair will be happily wed within the next 80 days. She gave up very little detail about where the wedding will be and who could potentially be on the guest list. Regardless of the details, sis just seems like she’s happy to start her new life as a married woman!

Nicki dropped another bomb, saying before she jumps the broom that album has been on her mind! She said she hopes to get married and then drop the album. Two things I’m sure her fans can not wait for!

Congratulations to both Nicki and Ken, wishing them a beautiful union!