Nicki Minaj Shares Story About Her Toddler Son Seemingly Checking Their Driver

Nicki Minaj Shares Story About Her Toddler Son Seemingly Checking Their Driver

Kids will be kids! That’s truly a phrase we have to remind ourselves of when interacting with little ones, whether they belong to you, somebody you know or complete strangers. But the great thing about the authenticity of kids is that they’ll always give you a story to tell. Recently, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter with her own parenthood tale about a time Papa Bear practically checked their driver!

Apparently, on Wednesday night, Papa Bear was giving the family’s driver “do we have a problem vibes.”

“Last night out of nowhere when we were heading home, Papa Bear slowly turned himself around in his car seat, reached over the driver seat and very softly poked the driver in his head with his finger,” Nicki tweeted. “He then turned back around & sat back like it never happened. My face said [head explosion emoticon.]”

Interested fans began flooding Nicki’s replies with follow-up questions. One user by the handle @eddieboy87 asked Nicki, “…what did the driver say” before adding “idk why this is funny af.”

“I started screaming PAPA NO!!!! His dad was like POP!!! The driver just smiled,” Nicki tweeted. “Boyyyy when we got in the house when I tell you we was n the floor. I said why would he do that? Zoo said it’s cuz the man looked like the man in Despicable Me & a kid did that in the movie.”

The Minions Step In

By Friday, the verified Minions Twitter account responded directly to one of Nicki’s tweets. They shared a shocked Gru GIF. Nicki fans and followers snatched the opportunity to volunteer Papa Bear for a role in the upcoming movie ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru.’

One user with the handle @StanRealMusic wrote, “Now, this would be a great opportunity to get Papa Bear into the movie. He could be one of the Minions….it could be his first debut!”


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