Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Went To The Breakfast Club To Tell His Side Of The Break-Up! "I Introduced Her To Meek Mill" (Video Inside)

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Safaree Went To The Breakfast Club To Tell His Side Of The Break-Up! “I Introduced Her To Meek Mill” (Video Inside)

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Safaree, who prefers to be called Safaree or SB (not Scaffbeezy), showed up to The Breakfast Club Radio Show to talk about his highly publicized break-up with Nicki Minaj. If you were living under a rock then let me catch you up to speed. Nicki and Safaree recently broke up and both parties seem to be trying to make each other jealous. Nicki Minaj started flaunting the fact that she’s dating Meek Mill and Safaree was seen on a date with a new chick named Candice. By the way, Safaree revealed in this interview that he introduced Nicki to Meek! Catch up on the TEA here , here , here , and here .

Okay, moving on….Safaree started off the interview saying that Nicki was his soulmate and as far as business goes, no decision was made without him. They first met as friends when they started a group called “Hood Stars”. The group didn’t work out, we can guess why, and Nicki decided to concentrate on her solo career.

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Fast forward to now, Safaree says he’s the one that walked away from the relationship. He packed his things and left because he felt that Nicki Minaj kept treating him like an employee and not her man. If you can remember, we dropped an exclusive last year telling you this was one of the reasons for their break-up.

Safaree mentioned that he wasn’t happy about Nicki saying that he wasn’t talented on Twitter. He says that he helped Nicki write all of her raps in the studio, and he can’t believe that she would try to bring him down.

Oh and by the way, the rumors are true that Nicki busted the windows out of his car. He denies that he ever put hands on her though.

Overall, he treated her way better than she treated him. We have a lot of respect for him because he didn’t hit her with low blows even though she hit him with a few. Nicki learn from him boo!

He also addresses the rumors that he’s dating a new chick named Candice, the fact that he was suicidal at one point, and more!

Watch the interview below:






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