Nipsey Hussle’s team has moved quickly in an attempt to protect his memorial outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. Apparently, while some were trying to pay their respects to Nipsey, other’s were just trying to make quick coin.
According to tmz, Nipsey’s memorial quickly became a place of chaos! Sources say some were selling t-shirts with Nispey’s face on them, others were offering tours of the neighborhood in exchange for cash.
The disrespect went to far that some people were allegedly charging fans just to walk through the area where Nipsey was shot! The memorial became such a hot spot, food trucks started parking outside.
As previously reported, Nipsey was gunned down in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles last month. After his passing, family, friends, fans, and members of the community gathered to celebrate his life with candles, balloons, photos and more.
Since Nipsey’s passing, people have made various attempts to monetize his legacy. We previously reported about multiple posting tickets for sale to Nipsey’s celebration of life. There were also some people who went to the service trying to sell the free programs for huge profits on ebay.
Although his memorial will no longer be displayed, we are confident that Nipsey’s family will continue to honor him in continuing the work that he had started.