Roommates, we are still mourning the passing of Nipsey Hussle, and we hope you all are keeping his family and loved ones in prayer along with us. Following his fatal shooting, Nipsey’s music sales have reportedly increased 2,776 percent, Billboard reports. Before his passing, Nipsey secured masters to all of his music, making this increase in sales extremely beneficial to his family.
On Sunday, Nipsey’s songs and albums reportedly sold a combined 15,000 copies–a large increase compared to the 1,000 copies reported on Saturday. On their own, Nipsey’s songs collected 13,000 downloads and his albums sold nearly 2,000 copies.
His best-selling song on Sunday was his recently released single “Racks in the Middle,” featuring Roddy Rich and Hit-Boy. The single reportedly racked up nearly 3,000 downloads overnight.
Nipsey’s most recent album, ‘Victory Lap,’ also soared in sales. It sold 1,000 copies on Sunday. It debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart earlier this month.
Nipsey was tragically gunned down in front of his store in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. Celebrities and fans alike have taken to social media to mourn his unfortunate passing.
Nipsey was an artist, a businessman, a father, and an inspiration to many all across the country. He aimed to help his community in Los Angeles, as well as the black community. No suspects have been officially named in Nipsey’s death, despite reports that the LAPD have a suspect in mind.
Let’s keep Nipsey and his loved ones in our thoughts, and continue to celebrate his life for all the light he sought to bring to the world.