The “Don’t Mess with My Man” singer recently sat down with Team Curtains while in London performing with Sisqo and Dru Hill, to chit chat about the old, the new, and the up and coming in her life.

Nivea reveals that she is actually going to be dropping an independent album entitled “Nivea Revealed” which she hopes will debut sometime early next year.

“The title in its self is pretty much the premise of the album. “Nivea Revealed” will be my chance to expose or reveal a lot about me that people don’t know. Not really just me personally but the story, my journey, and why and what happened and where I am now.”

And don’t worry ya’ll if you were a fan of the old Nivea, she promises to stick to her R&B roots and not take the commercial route, so you can guarantee some great vocals.

She also talks about her interest in reality TV:

“In the past, I was approach by everybody and I was like no I don’t want to do that I’m a singer. However, you know the world is a different ball game now as far as entertainment and doing what you need to do to be more present or in front of as many fans or people as possible. It’s a great exposure tool, so I’m considering it now. But before I was definitely not interested in doing reality TV, I just didn’t come from an era of that.”

Maybe we might catch her on a season of R&B Divas in Atlanta or even Love and Hip Hop ATL? We will keep you posted if any tea is spilled on that.

When it came to Christina Milian, she may have been a bit shady but she has great reason. Christina was a bit messy with marrying and divorcing Nivea’s ex husband, the Dream, (and both share children with him) and now Christina is allegedly dating and allegedly pregnant by Nivea’s other baby daddy, Lil Wayne. Thinking about it makes your head hurt but we guess Christina didn’t get the memo about messing with Nivea’s men. She keeps it classy saying that she is just focusing on making sure that the kids on both sides are being well taken care of and calls the Dream a great dad.

Check out the rest of the interview below, we can’t wait to see Nivea and we wish her the best on her comeback!

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