No Money For Cleveland Brown Look Alike Who Tried To Sue Marlon Wayans Because...He Does Look Like Cleveland!

No Money For Cleveland Brown Look Alike Who Tried To Sue Marlon Wayans Because…He Does Look Like Cleveland!


Court Doesn’t Think Marlon Wayan’s Joke Went Too Far

If you guys don’t know the tea, last September, Marlon Wayans and the 2014 film “ A Haunted House 2” movie production company were being sued by a would be actor in the movie for a joke that he thought went too far. Well the courts seemed to like the joke because they threw the case out since he is protected under freedom of speech.

According to TMZ, Marlon responded to the ruling with “I am grateful that the judge upheld our constitutional rights of free speech. It’s the first amendment and probably the most important for a comedian. This is also a stride toward protecting public figures from often bogus claims and lawsuits. I am grateful now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go watch reruns of the Cleveland show.”


I swear Marlon never misses a chance at a joke! How could anyone take this man that seriously!

Anyways, Marlon had posted a collaged picture of Pierre Daniel and the animated sensation, Cleveland Brown on his Instagram with the caption, “Tell me this na don’t look like … THIS NA!!! Ol Cleveland Brown ass lookin.”

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Daniel claimed harassment over the pictures and alleged it to be cyber bullying because the picture was “racially motivated and mocked his appearance, especially his afro” and that the comparison “seriously injured him by causing shock, pain, discomfort and/or anxiety” claiming he stopped acting because of it.

The judge in the case claimed, “The Cleveland Brown character, like [Pierre], obviously black, heavy … with curly ‘Afro’ hair were all incorporated humorously into the filming of the scene.” But even though Marlon’s case has been thrown out the movie production’s case is still moving forward in court.

I wish everyone could learn to laugh at themselves a little, life would be so much more enjoyable! Thank goodness for our first amendment rights, its good to see the law working in our favorite for once, even if it is in a sad lawsuit. Let’s talk tea below do you think that lawsuit was a bit much?


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