Nope! Michelle Williams Says Beyonce Is Not Preggers With Baby Red!

Nope! Michelle Williams Says Beyonce Is Not Preggers With Baby Red!


Listen, people are thirsty for Baby Red to be born. When Beyonce posted a picture on her Instagram with a seemingly pregnant silhouette made out of sand…the spot blew up with rumors that she might be pregnant.


Now we posted it, but we didn’t mention anything about her being pregnant. If her long time group mate Michelle Williams is spilling that real real….then Beyonce is not pregnant. See the other night Beyonce, Angie, and Michelle Williams had a girl’s night out that included Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles via text and Skype.


Beyonce’s cousin Angie posted a picture of Wine glasses and was talking about how they had a good time drankin’ and throwing it back! They stayed up until around 4am and they even hit the after hours spot.

Well, Michelle Williams put the pregnancy rumors to rest on “The View”.

“First of all, if you look at the picture, the baby bump is, like, where her knees probably really are so that’s pretty, you know,” Michelle continued. “All these allusions, just stop it, stop it, too many things,” she says.

We will go ahead and kill the pregnancy rumors until further notice!
You never know with Bey!


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